25 Eylül 2010 Cumartesi

Body Mind Magic Workshop-Iida Shigemi


Doğunun gizemine yolculuk yapmak isteyenlere çağrı.
Çatı'da geçen haftaki bir çalışmadan notlar.
Bu haftada dans ağırlıklı olarak sürdürülecektir.


Body Mind Magic Workshop

Having done stage creation workshop for a long time, I understand that some basis is important for creation.
I found that these kind of basis are new physical common sense
which is useful and effective for every aspect of human life.
All those basis come from oriental tradition.
I call it Body Mind Magic according to the Japanese words.

Usually, I ask the participants: “Which way would you like to take between two ways?”

First way

I will get some requests from the participant about the body or the invisible body.
This way, each workshop is a new invention and a new peformance work for me.
Normally I get hints from the second way's contents.
These are oriental body works which are effective not only for performers but also for everyone who wants to live with a good energy balance.

Every time, facilitating a workshop is a creation for me.
There are no repetitions or imitations.
I will synthesize many body magic techniques like
Noguchi-Seitai, Ji-kyou-jyutsu, Makkouhou , TFT,
Tibetan Yoga, Kikoh, Breath works, Meditation and so on.
I would like to enjoy them with the participants by essential and simple ways.

Second way

People can choose from contents that I suggest.
The contents are connecting together. Gates to body mind magic.
If the participants want to touch all the gates more than 2 weeks are necessary.


Asian traditional breathing as a basis of life.
Ancient way of making voice for living.
Self Mantra for transformation by controling our selves and world image.
Yuki=Reiki=Te-ate ; Japanese traditional healing for body and comunity.
Yuki dance./Ohno Kazuo's way.
Katsugen=Asian traditional body therapy.
Katsugen dance/Ohno Kazuo's way.
Asian traditional walking for self reconstruction.
The center of comunication and energy : ways of traning
Conserving one’s youth: Japanese and Tibetan Yoga for every day practice.
Physical Ways of energy control from Secret Buddism.
Body and mental control by using 14 Energy lines.

This workshop becomes the basis and preparation for “dance theater creation workshop”.

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